Villeroy & Boch signs a partnership with Eco-Tech Ceram, GreenFlex and FITEEO to promote the environmental and energy transformation of its factory in Valence d’Agen.

This is a turnkey contract with GreenFlex to supply a waste heat recovery system at the site of Villeroy & Boch, the international ceramics giant.

Villeroy & Boch has chosen to surround itself with committed players in order to bring about a real environmental and energy transformation of its production facilities in Valence d’Agen, and to this end is presenting a complete multi-year decarbonization program. The group’s ambition is to accelerate the dissemination of these technologies to the group’s other plants and to test the main existing technologies for the energy transition of production tools on its Valence d’Agen site, on a scale of 1.

The objective of the operation is to replace the eleven existing dryers with five new, more efficient technology dryers to achieve energy savings. In a second phase, the waste heat from the tunnel kiln is used to heat the dryers. This will significantly reduce gas consumption and CO2 emissions from the plant’s two largest consumers. The company aims to save 5.5 GWh on its annual energy consumption, thus avoiding the emission of 1000 tons of CO2 per year.

The signature of this supply contract was made possible thanks to a unique and innovative financing solution, FITEEO (Financing for Industry and Tertiary Energy Efficiency in Occitania) created and resulting from the partnership betweenAREC Occitania, GreenFlex and Atlante Gestion.

Published On: 6 September 2022Categories: News
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