Sharing a common interest in research and innovation in the field of high performance refractory materials, Eco Tech-Ceram and the research and training centers ICA-Albi UMR CNRS 5312 and RAPSODEE UMR CNRS 5302 ofIMT Mines Albi have set up a research collaboration. They are convinced of their complementarity in this field.

The final objective of this work is to know the thermomechanical fatigue behavior of the materials of Eco-Tech-Ceram’s heat storage systems. They are designed to recover the waste heat* from industrial processes.

* heat emitted by a process but not used by it. It is a waste heat: for example, the hot fumes from a ceramic kiln

This project aims at setting up a method for thermomechanical dimensioning of heat storage tanks. It will be applied to the Eco-Stock®.


Published On: 5 October 2022Categories: News
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