[DECARBONATION] Aubert & Duval, the metallurgy giant, calls on us to decarbonize its industrial sites.

In 2018, the metals company established a decarbonization strategy.

The goal? Reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 45% in 2030 (123,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions). After five years, they needed to find other levers and turned to Eco-Tech Ceram.

The project? Hot fumes fromAubert & Duval furnaces will be directed to a heat exchanger. With it, hot air will be produced which will feed the burners. Thanks to this, Aubert & Duval expects to eliminate between 20 and 25% of CO2 emissions from its gas furnaces.

Out of 159 gas furnaces, we have already carried out a technical and economic feasibility study on 15 of them and a detailed feasibility study on two others.

Aubert & Duval and Eco-Tech Ceram plan to combine the waste heat sources from several furnaces to create a larger pool and to use it for other applications, which could be out of phase: producing decarbonized electricity, hot water, steam, cold, hydrogen, etc.

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Published On: 6 April 2023Categories: News
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