Industry loses 36% of the energy it consumes in the form of heat, mainly from fossil resources that emit greenhouse gases.

“The best energy is the one we don’t consume”

It is urgent to improve the energy efficiency of your production tools in order to reduce CO 2 emissions and reduce your energy bills, especially at a time when gas and electricity prices are exploding.

As specialists in energy efficiency, and more particularly in the recovery of waste heat, we are able to support you in transforming your losses into profits, without any investment.

Valuing the waste heat of your furnaces with exchangers / storers

We offer solutions for capturing and reusing the waste heat of your furnaces in order to improve the energy efficiency of your processes and reduce your energy consumption.

  • Quantification and qualification of waste heat deposits (power, flow, temperature, etc.)
  • Quantification and qualification of heat needs
  • Capture and recovery solutions
  • Solutions for storing and smoothing deposits/needs
  • Automated solutions without modifying your processes

Improve the efficiency of your dryers

We qualify and optimize your drying installations

  • Material and energy balance
  • Humidity control
  • Drying curve
  • Air supply and circulation
  • Insulation and thermal losses
  • Recovery heat input

Valuing the waste heat of your compressors

We quantify and value the waste heat produced by your compressors

  • Quantification and qualification of the deposit
  • Optimization of compressor operating parameters
  • Installation of compression heat recovery and recovery loops
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