Attentive to the various needs and constraints of industries, we put our skills and expertise at the service of each industrial sector, in particular those using batch / intermittent kilns: heavy industries, metallurgy, ceramics, glass.

Thermal treatment

Ranked second in the world behind the United States, France is one of the undisputed leaders in the aeronautics and space industry.

The material and product needs of this cutting-edge industry have pushed their suppliers towards extraordinary levels of quality which require the use of furnaces of various sizes producing large quantities of waste heat.

Our skills and expertise in industrial thermal engineering are perfectly suited to the strategic challenges of these industrial sites.

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The infrastructure of the ceramics sector is essential to the functioning of the activity. However, in many industries, facilities are aging and sometimes skills and knowledge are lost.

There are many avenues for improvement and optimization. The audit can be, among other things, a good first step in discovering or rediscovering the facilities, their operation and areas for improvement. Our references in this area allow us to move forward quickly and efficiently in your project.

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The metallurgical industry (iron, non-ferrous and non-precious metals, precious metals) is highly strategic in France because it is essential to its economy.

However, this industry has been facing fierce competition for several years from Eastern Europe and Asia.

We can work alongside you to support you in boosting your competitiveness by allowing you to achieve rapid and significant energy savings, while reducing your CO 2 emissions and your carbon taxes. To know more

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In France, the glass industry represents 3.8 billion euros in turnover for 4.6 million tonnes manufactured per year.

As a packaging material replacing plastic in many applications, glass appears to be cleaner and more durable. The sector has shown its ability to achieve great feats in environmental matters.

However, the energy-intensive nature of this activity leaves room for large areas of improvement and, therefore, great opportunity.

With our know-how, we can enable you to achieve your environmental objectives by improving the energy efficiency of your ovens, by recovering waste heat and by using renewable energies to power them.

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