50% of energy is consumed in the form of heat, and 80% of this heat comes from fossil resources, mainly fossil natural gas. Energy can account for up to 20% of production costs. However, a large quantity of this fossil energy is not used optimally.

There is an urgent need to optimize this energy consumption.

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Burner settings

We qualify and optimize the operation of your burners to improve their performance and reduce your fuel consumption:

  • Burner technology
  • Regulation, automation
  • Setup and location
  • Oxidizer/fuel ratio
  • Combustion preheating

Qualification of your furnaces

We characterize and optimize your furnaces to maximize performance, improve quality and reduce energy consumption andCO2 emissions:

  • Batch furnaces
  • Tunnel furnaces
  • Energy balance of furnaces
  • Temperature/pressure mapping
  • Insulation and thermal losses
  • Characterization of heat inputs
  • Optimization proposals

Performance measurement and monitoring

We monitor the performance of your installations and processes:

  • Temperature, flow, pressure
  • Energy consumption
  • Energy recovered, recovered, lost
  • Yield and performance of installations
  • Overall process energy balance
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