With an undeniable and recognized technical maturity after several years of experience, Eco-Tech Ceram offers validated solutions, proven in the industry and unanimously recognized.


Tegulys , a tile and brick manufacturer in Haute Corrèze, needs heat to supply its dryer and its cooking. However, more than 50% of the heat consumed in the baking oven is lost. With the Eco-Stock®, it is possible to capture and store the waste heat of the baking oven in order to recover it, at the desired time, in the dryer and the pre-baking chamber.

Aware of the economic and environmental profitability of such a project, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and ADEME subsidized part of the infrastructure. Our network of partners then enabled Tegulys to finance the rest of the infrastructure via a financial lease.

“We are the first industrial site to have hosted the Eco-stock® solution developed by Eco-Tech Ceram. The confidence and support of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region were decisive in validating the merits of this solution and adapting it to measure. In the end, we are doubly satisfied: the Eco-Stock® solution not only improves the energy efficiency of cooking but also increases our production capacity. »

Nicolas Ducrot, CEO of Tegulys


As part of their commitment to decarbonization, Wienerberger wanted to create a partnership with Eco-Tech Ceram.

The Pontigny site (Yonne – Burgundy Franche Comté region) will be equipped with a thermal accumulator, our Eco-Stock, to transform their heat losses into sustainable solutions.

Our thermal accumulator recovers the heat from their ovens to send it back to the dryers. This leads to a reduction in the energy consumption of their tile factory, which represents more than 450 tonnes of CO2/year, or the equivalent of more than 3.5 million km per year for a normal car.

Its commissioning is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

“The work carried out with Eco-Tech Ceram has enabled us to identify and prioritize several solutions for recovering waste heat: for sludge drying, for the production of steam, hot water and electricity. Eco-Tech Ceram also provides a network of third-party funders and financing solutions. The 1st Eco-Stock was commissioned in April 2022 at the Dunkirk site.”

– Thierry Poirier, Head of Energy Department, ArcelorMittal France

Thanks to its Eco-Stock solution, Eco-Tech Ceram will allow us to recover the waste heat from the six ovens at the Pontigny site and to recover this waste heat in our dryers. This will allow us to avoid any gas consumption at the level of the dryers and to save 450 tons of CO2 per year.. ”

– Robert Lacroix, Director of Sustainable Development, Wienerberger France

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