Project Description

Operation implemented: Technical and economic feasibility of a solution for the capture, storage and recovery of waste heat on theArcelorMittal site in Dunkirk

Your area: Pas-de-Calais (62) – Hauts de France – France

Sector : Metallurgy

Co-financing: ADEME and Hauts-de-France Region


The ProDepVal project wishes to answer major constraints of the industrialists:

  • Store to maximize the fatal heat recovered from a continuous source and satisfy fluctuating demand requiring backup heat production
  • Storing a discontinuous source of fatal heat to restore it at constant power.


The ProDepVal project aims at developing a 360 kWh “pilot” storage unit, fully containerized, movable and modular, allowing to demonstrate the feasibility of valorization of waste heat from various equipments on different industrial sites and for innovative applications. Within the framework of this project, the industrial site of ArcelorMittal Dunkerque will be the first user of the prototype in order to validate the feasibility of drying agglomeration sludge.

Objectives and expected results

The realization of this pilot will also make it possible to test other applications, with industrialists of the region, such as :

  • Supply the prototype with process waste heat, especially from complex fumes (rolling mills, flares, etc.)
  • Serving mobility needs (boilers)
  • To serve electricity needs (coupling with a thermodynamic machine).