Project Description

Operation implemented: Creation of a high-temperature test bench capable of evaluating the performance of a new storage material.

Location: Albi (81) – Occitanie – France

Customer: RAPSODEE research center atIMT Mines Albi Carmaux for Prayon and OCP.

Type: Prototype for public research laboratory


The aim of this prototype is to create a pilot capable of evaluating the performance of a new storage material.


The storage system in question must be able to use air to charge and discharge heat within a granular bed in a purpose-built storage area.

Analysis of output data (outlet air temperature as a function of charging or discharging time, axial temperature profiles in the bed, etc.) should enable material and system performance to be assessed.

  • Test laboratory for materials over 1000°C
  • Work area included
  • Mobile prototype, can be moved to different sites (France, Belgium, Morocco)

Creation of a turnkey technology platform for a number of R&D projects, with the aim of :

  • The development of storage materials
  • Ageing studies linked to system efficiency
  • Improve knowledge of air/ceramic heat exchange

Technical data

  • Storage capacity: 500 kg of materials for a volume of 400 dm3
  • Variable airflow from 100kg/h to 400kg/h
  • Variable power rating from 10 kW thermal to 60 kW thermal
  • Footprint: 6 meters by 5 meters (container format)
  • Modular and movable by truck and boat
  • Ergonomic storage tank filling and emptying system
  • Integrated supervision area with man/machine interface and real-time data visualization (graphics)