Project Description

Eco-Tech Ceram has been selected by the highly competitive H2020 SME INSTRUMENT PHASE 2 PROGRAM


For its project: ECO-STOCK®

Budget: €1,978,750

EU contribution: €1,385,125

Duration: 4 years – 2019 to 2023

An initiative of the European Commision : This project was founded by the European Union’Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under grant agreement n° 879608.

Project context

Today heavy industries are losing 20-40% of the energy they consume through waste heat. Above 200°C, these losses represent each year more than 4,000 TWhth, €200bn and 2,500 Mt CO2 unlessly emitted. Waste heat recovery solutions have emerged: they offer massive potential in costs/energy savings as well as reduction of environmental impact. However, due to financial viability, existing solutions are mainly implemented for large industries & not compatible with all types of processes. Main challenge is to offer reliable, efficient & affordable heat recovery solution with reduced CAPEX & OPEX.

Our solution is based on 3 innovative concepts:

  • Materials: The elaboration of ceramics from industrial wastes, such as refractory ceramics for thermal storage.
  • Process: The implementation of those ceramics in a thermal energy storage Eco-Stock® unit.
  • Financial: The financial scheme design facilitating & de-risking the customer purchase, based on ESCO investment.

This solution solves one of the main challenges of the industry—increasing energy efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions & saving money. Waste heat recovery is a global multisector market: 50,000+ industrial sites in various sectors are concerned & thousands of Eco-Stock® units could be sold. The market size of waste heat recovery systems was €39.3bn in 2015, projected to reach €58.8bn by 2021. It is a high-volume market underexploited because of high CAPEX & low flexibility of existing solutions. To reach the commercialisation objective, the phase 2 project budget is €1.9M for 24 months.

The project

The main objective of this project is to demonstrate the Eco-Stock®, a waste heat recovery solution through thermal storage, in a real environment at an European heavy industry production site. For this purpose, the Eco-Stock will be adapted to industry tunnel kilns specifications.



  • 2019-2021: Basic then front-end engineering design have been performed to fit the demonstration site specifications. Then, in quarter 2, Eco-Stock manufacturing and digitalisation tools have been launched.