Project Description

Operation implemented: Construction of a multi-technology, multi-product storage platform

Location: Nantes (44) – Pays de la Loire – France

Customer: LTEN Research Center

Type: Prototype for public research laboratory


Supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and training in the use of heat storage/destorage equipment in a fixed bed of solid materials with hot air.


The platform consists of 2 benches:

  • The first bench is designed to store/unstore heat by means of sensible and latent heat at various temperature levels up to 600 degrees, in a fixed bed of material using air as the heat transfer fluid. This heat transfer fluid generates thermal energy, identical to that obtained from industrial waste heat or renewable heat sources (such as concentrated solar power).
  • The second bench is designed for multi-source, multi-energy production, to provide simultaneous transient hot and cold power to energy systems. This bench is connected to the storage/retrieval bench.

The two benches can be used independently or in combination.