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Delivering sustainable, cost effective and fully funded solutions to turn your heat losses into profits.

We support you in your low carbon transition from A to Z.

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Industrial thermal

50% of the energy is consumed in the form of heat. Energy can represent up to 20% of production costs. It is therefore urgent to optimize this energy consumption.

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Energetic efficiency

As specialists in energy efficiency, we are able to help you turn your losses into profits, without any investment.

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Energy storage

Using the best available techniques, Eco-Tech Ceram has developed Eco-Stock ®, a robust and cost-effective solution for storing heat at high temperatures, up to 1000°C.

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Renewable and carbon-free energies

At Eco-Tech Ceram, we are planning a development of power to heat to power which will make it possible to overcome the problem of the intermittency of renewable energies.

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At Eco-Tech Ceram, we are in the process of developing state-of-the-art digital tools in the field that can improve the savings to be made by up to 100%, with a fixed design.

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Financing engineering

We identify for you the various financing mechanisms in order to support you in a 100% financed and “derisked” energy transition thanks to ETC Invest .

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“Economic growth will only come from solutions that can save energy and protect the environment. It is possible today to bridge ecology and economy. »

– Bertrand Piccard, President of the Solar Impulse Foundation

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