By combining technical and economic innovation, we offer you, the industrialists, both technical and financial solutions in order to be your unique interlocutor and transform your losses into new revenues.

Our methodology


The deindustrialization of France took place in near indifference for nearly 40 years. Today the industry is recovering but must face competition from mature and emerging markets.

As a French industrialist, are you looking for solutions to improve your efficiency, gain in productivity without having the capacity or the will to invest?

You have losses that we are able to value. Why not turn them into profits?

You can evaluate the potential of your heat sources by carrying out a pre-diagnosis directly and free of charge by clicking on the link below:


Equipment diagnosis

Eco-Tech Ceram adopts a rigorous approach to quantify and qualify your energy consumption.

Eco-Tech Ceram analyzes the situation of a set of specific processes and technical equipment for the efficient end use of energy in all its forms.

This service includes the following actions:

  • identification of the installations and knowledge of the technical data transmitted by the customer
  • on-site travel
  • visual diagnosis
  • realization of a first energy balance from the received and collected data
  • estimation of the amount of potential energy savings
  • risk analysis
  • proposal of an organization and a method to initiate a feasibility study.
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Technical-economic study

You carried out your pre-diagnosis in a few minutes and we came back to you by qualifying your deposit as relevant? It’s time to put our expertise to work for you. The scientific, technological and industrial skills provided by the Eco-Tech Ceram teams allow us to act with expertise on all your processes and infrastructures.

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Turnkey realization

Your time is valuable and we understand that. So why do you take care of a set of tasks yourself outside of your core business?

You can calmly continue your current activities, Eco-Tech Ceram accompanies you from A to Z by delivering a project, then a product adapted and directly ready to use.

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Performance Tracking

The modernization and automation of your industrial tool are crucial for the competitiveness of your company. Digital and robotization can allow your industry to catch up, provided they are used appropriately.

At Eco-Tech Ceram, we integrate 100% digital tools for monitoring the performance of your infrastructures. Reliable, autonomous and powerful tools allowing you to have precise measurements of productivity in real time.

Save time and increase productivity by opting for digital and automated monitoring of your performance.

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