Project Description

Decarbonization: 565 tonnes of CO2 saved, based on an emission rate of 0.241 kgCO2/kWhth consumed

Energy gain : 2,795 MWhth saved per year

Location : Haute-Vienne (87) New Aquitaine

Sector : Porcelain

Needs – customer requests:

The client wanted to find a way to reduce its natural gas consumption on its site and therefore reduce its CO2 emissions.
The objective of this study was to reduce the consumption of their enamelling and sharpening ovens. To do this, energy recovery was studied on the fumes from these ovens in order to preheat the combustion air of these same ovens.

Project issues:

Analyze the fatal heat deposits available at the level and the energy needs of the enameling and degourdi ovens.
As a result of this characterization, Eco-Tech Ceram sought the most relevant solutions to satisfy energy needs as much as possible.
Each of the solutions was presented to the client via a complete report respecting Ademe ‘s specifications on the feasibility studies.

Eco-Tech Ceram achievements:

Each solution has been studied in such a way:

  • Study of the operation of the furnaces in relation to each other
  • Study of the thermal balance between deposit (2 furnaces) and need (5 furnaces) identified
  • Dimensioning of Eco-Stock®: thermal capacity of 2.5 MWh in steady state
  • In-depth study on the preheating of combustion air and the management of the air flows to be sent: change in burner technology.
  • Study of the management of the reducing phases of the enameling furnace: proposed oxidation boxes
  • Solution design
  • Energy and environmental balance
  • Calculation of the solution and the modifications made to the ovens
  • Economic study of the solution and financial arrangement

Description of the solution proposed by Eco-Tech Ceram:

Eco-Tech Ceram proposes to recover the waste heat at the level of the fumes of enameling and smart kilns, to recover this energy through a high temperature storage solution, Eco-Stock® in order to preheat the combustion air of these same ovens.