Project Description

Prototype electrical heat storage (EHTS), coupling to an ORC system, new storage materials, intelligent remote control.

Applications :

  • electrical heat storage (Power To Heat)
  • coupling storage to an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) system for producing electricity from heat (Heat To Power)
  • new heat storage materials
  • the compatibility of storage materials with combustion fumes
  • the influence of the geometry of the fluid distribution system in the storage
  • intelligent remote control of a storage facility.

Technical specifications :

  • Storage capacity = 40 kWh at 600°C
  • Storage/retrieval temperature = 200 to 600°C / 100 to 600°C
  • Thermal load power = 13 to 30 KW at 600°C
  • Discharge thermal power = 20 to 40 KW at 575 °C
  • Heat transfer fluid = hot air
  • Heat source: gas, smoke, electricity
  • Measurements: temperatures, flow rates, pressure drops, damper positions
  • Operations: storage design/management, model validation, materials characterization, multi-energy smart-grids