Project Description

Labcom SOLUTEC: SOLUTions ECo-Stock for the valorization of complex industrial waste heat

Labcom’s objective: to remove the technological barrier to the treatment of complex flue gases

Duration: 5 years – 2021 to 2026

Partners: IMT Albi, RAPSODEE Laboratory, Eco-Tech Ceram

Financing: ANR (National Research Agency)


Currently, the heat that can be recovered represents only 20% of the global potential of recoverable waste heat. SOLUTEC’s objective is to expand the possibilities by capturing and valorizing complex fumes. These fumes cannot be treated today because they threaten the integrity of the materials of the storage system, by the corrosion and the fouling which they cause. To overcome this technological barrier, researchers at RAPSODEE and experts at Eco-Tech Ceram will work together to develop and characterize new storage materials. This will allow to evaluate these phenomena inside the storage system, in an applied industrial context.

3 axes

  • Axis 1: Characterization of fumes from the ceramic and metallurgy sectors:
    Expected results in about 1 year: complete analysis and characterization of target fumes
  • Axis 2: Condensation and corrosion studies:
    Results expected in about 3 years: knowledge of the thermodynamic conditions according to the composition of the fumes and highlighting of the correlations between materials used / conditions of use / condensation / corrosion conditions
  • Axis 3: Control of corrosion and condensation in industrial environments:
    Results expected in about 5 years: formulation and validation of one or more solutions to maintain the performance of the storage system in real conditions of use (avoid and/or mitigate dry or wet corrosion).

The result is improved environmental performance

The results obtained will be filtered through a prospective Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). It will allow to evaluate and optimize the environmental performance of the new storage materials, the objective being to widen the spectrum of use of the Eco-Stock® to all types of industrial fumes.


Kick-off meeting, December 2021