Project Description

Development of a thermodynamic solar power plant with thermal storage

Partners: H2P Systems and Eco-Tech Ceram

Duration: 24 months (2020-2022)

Funding: AID and DGA


100% sustainable electricity production, produced day and night, without batteries, with a small footprint, all transportable in a container with robust components whose mining resources and end-of-life and recycling are not problematic.

Project description:

The SUN2P technology combinesH2P Systems ‘ hot air engine andEco-Tech Ceram ‘s Eco-Stock capable of capturing, storing and releasing decarbonized energy that is less expensive than that from fossil fuels. This combination allows the continuous production of solar-generated electricity, even after sunset, thanks to the surplus heat stored in the Eco-Stock during the day.


Combining a high-efficiency, low-cost hot air engine, powered by solar concentration, with a ceramic-based thermal storage; this project must demonstrate the performance and reliability of the solution.


Production of electrical energy on isolated sites with strong sunlight, isolated villages, islands and military bases