Project Description

Decarbonation: 1450 tons of CO2 saved, based on an emission rate of 0.241 kgCO2/kWhth consumed

Energy savings: 6000 MWhth saved per year

Location: Nord Pas de Calais (62) – Hauts de France – France

Customer: Thyssenkrupp

Sector: Metallurgy

Needs – customer requests:

The client wanted to find a way to reduce its natural gas consumption on its site and therefore reduce its CO2 emissions for which they are subject to the carbon tax.
The objective of this study was to hybridize the boiler producing the superheated water necessary for the customer’s process. Three furnaces were studied and integrated into a waste heat recovery solution to preheat the water loop at the boiler return.

Project issues:

Analyze the waste heat deposits available at the level of the furnaces and the energy requirement of the boiler.
As a result of this characterization, Eco-Tech Ceram sought the most relevant solutions to satisfy energy needs as much as possible.
Each of the solutions was presented to the client via a complete report respecting Ademe ‘s specifications on the feasibility studies.

Eco-Tech Ceram achievements:

  • Study of a 1.2 MW exchanger and two 350 kW exchangers
  • Sizing of flue gas ducts and control dampers
  • Supported
  • Thermal and aeraulic study of solutions
  • Solution design
  • Energy and environmental balance
  • Calculation of the solution and related works (modifications to burners, asbestos removal, etc.)
  • Economic study of the solution and financial arrangement

Description of the solution proposed by Eco-Tech Ceram:

Recovery of waste heat from flue gases from three furnaces to preheat water used by the process boiler via flue gas/water exchangers.