Project Description

Collaborative Research Project – thesis

Objective: Stochastic co-optimization of a hybrid heat and power storage in a multi-energy network

Partners: SATIE (Systems and Application of Information and Energy Technologies) UMR CNRS – ENS Rennes

Financing: ANRT (National Association for Research and Technology)


The aim is to develop algorithms that allow to size and control an energy network in an optimal way in a given configuration and scenario (variable needs and deposits, surplus energy, etc.), by studying in particular multi-energy networks that distribute both heat and electricity and that can convert surplus heat into electricity and vice versa. These networks are too complex to be sized and controlled “by hand”, hence the need for algorithms. These networks are also intended to integrate electrical and thermal storage systems to provide a buffer.

Scientific articles published

  • Impact of thermal storage simulation accuracy on optimization quality: https: //
  • Development of a “meta-model” which is a compromise between very approximate and very fast models and more realistic but slower models. It is an ideal compromise between accuracy and computation time. It will be necessary in complex configurations (multi-energy network with important conversions of heat into electricity): https: //
  • Coupling of heat and electricity networks to reduce energy shortages and excesses on the networks. This coupling allows each of the networks to be more efficient without oversizing the thermal or electrical storage equipment: https: //