Science at the service of decarbonation!

We were delighted to celebrate LabCom’s 10th anniversary in the presence of Sylvie Retailleau, Minister of Higher Education and Research.

“The ambition of the LabCom program is to respond to major industrial or technological challenges through innovation for society, to support ambitious research and to draw on academic expertise to overcome these obstacles” Eric Papon, scientific manager for partnership research at the ParisTech research center.ANR (French National Research Agency).

Together with the RAPSODEE research center atIMT Mines Albi, we are working to overcome the technological hurdle of complex flue gas treatment. Currently, the heat that can be recovered represents only 20% of the global potential of recoverable waste heat. The aim of LabCom SOLUTEC is to broaden the possibilities by capturing and valorizing complex fumes.

These fumes cannot be treated today because they threaten the integrity of the materials of the storage system, by the corrosion and the fouling which they cause.

To overcome this technological hurdle, researchers at the RAPSODEE center and experts at Eco-Tech Ceram are working together to develop and characterize new storage materials. This makes it possible to evaluate these phenomena within the storage system, in an applied industrial context.

Published On: 23 November 2023Categories: News
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