For the past 10 years, Eco-Tech Ceram has been committed to a vital mission: decarbonizing industry. We are dedicated to developing innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions, promote energy efficiency and shape a future where sustainability and profitability go hand in hand.

And the results are in!

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CO2 saved since 2019.
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saved since 2019
saved since 2019 with gas prices at €50/MWh

By combining technological and economic advances, we offer industrial companies complete solutions, both technically and financially. Our aim is to become your preferred partner,
turning your heat losses into additional sources of income.

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L'équipe d'Eco-Tech Ceram à côté de l'Eco-Stock dans l'usine de Villeroy & Boch

Dozens of concrete achievements

Since its foundation in 2014, Eco-Tech Ceram has established itself as an innovative player in energy efficiency, launching its first revolutionary prototype in 2018. The company has since extended its expertise to a variety of sectors, installing its Eco-Stock® technology at industrial leaders such as Tégulys, ArcelorMittal and Villeroy & Boch, as well as at brick giant Wienerberger. These initiatives underline Eco-Tech Ceram’s commitment to valorizing waste heat and reducing its industrial carbon footprint.

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With undeniable technical maturity recognized after many years’ experience, Eco-Tech Ceram offers sustainable, cost-effective solutions for recovering waste heat to decarbonize industry.

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The first industrial site to use the ECO-STOCK® solution

Tegulys, a tile and brick manufacturer in the Haute Corrèze region of France, needs heat to power its dryer and kiln. However, more than 50% of the heat consumed in the baking oven is lost.

With the Eco-Stock®, it is possible to capture and store the waste heat from the baking oven in order to use it, at the desired moment, in the dryer and the pre-baking chamber.

Decarbonization :
158 tonnes of CO2 saved

Energy savings: 654 MWh saved per year, or 20%.

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“We are the first industrial site to have welcomed the Eco-stock® solution developed by the Eco-Tech Ceram company in 2019. The trust and support of the New Aquitaine Region were decisive in validating the merits of this solution and customizing it. Finally, we are doubly satisfied: the Eco-Stock® solution allows us to improve the energy efficiency of the firing process but also to increase our production capacity.”

-Nicolas Ducrot, CEO of Tegulys

Eco-Tech Ceram celebrates 10 years

On April 25, 2024, at La Cité, Toulouse, Eco-Tech Ceram marks a decade of commitment to industrial decarbonization. This celebration of 10 years of innovation and progress will be a unique opportunity for manufacturers to share their real-life experiences with our solutions.

Join us for a day of inspiring exchanges, where the past meets the future of carbon-free industry.

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Dozens of awards and labels

Transform your industry with our award-winning decarbonization solutions. Multi-awarded for our innovations, our company is at the forefront of the energy transition. Find out how you can accelerate the decarbonization of your business by adopting our technologies, which have been recognized by worldwide competitions and labels of excellence such as Solar Impulse and Green Tech Verte. Together, let’s embark on the road to decarbonization.

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Global Innovation Competition
I, II and III – 2014, 2017, 2020

Competition winner
Innovation from ADEME

Winner of the European competition
EMS Instrument H2020

Innovation Trophy
ArcelorMittal – 2016


2,640,000 kWh saved

By combining technical and economic innovation, we offer you, the industrialist, both technical and financial solutions to be your unique partner and transform your losses into new revenues.

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Recognized expertise in over 10 skills

Our team, made up of doctors, engineers and technicians specialized in energy efficiency, thermal efficiency, materials, high temperature storage, process engineering and financing engineering, will always recommend the most relevant solutions for you. Over the last ten years, we have constantly expanded our skills to meet the needs of industry.

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Industrial thermics



Renewable and
and carbon-free


Financing engineering

Eco-Tech Ceram supports you from A to Z, delivering a project, then a suitable, ready-to-use product.

At Eco-Tech Ceram, we combine pragmatism and sustainability to offer optimal, environmentally-friendly solutions that reduce industry’s CO2 emissions. Deeply committed to the climate emergency, our mission is to simplify manufacturers’ transition to a minimal carbon footprint. Your carbon-free future starts with us.

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Les cuves des 2 Eco-Stock installées à Tegulys, fabricant de tuiles et briques, pour récupérer la chaleur fatale du four de cuisson