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We were privileged to share our expertise in competitive decarbonization with industry players at this key event. Antoine Meffre took part in a round-table discussion alongside Benjamin Lacroix from the Direction Générale des Entreprises and Fabien Delafalize from the DGEC – Direction générale de l’énergie et du climat, to present European funding opportunities for industrial decarbonization projects.

We shared our experience as a prizewinner, highlighting the success ofEco-Tech Ceram, accelerated by the European Innovation Fund as part of the
Mitigat project
. This European recognition, built on a decade of commitment and fruitful partnerships, testifies to our position as European leader in industrial decarbonization.

The Mitigat project embodies our ambition and innovation. Endowed with 6.5 million euros, it aims to develop a revolutionary heat-electricity crossroads technology, integrating algorithms to optimize operating costs. This pioneering solution, the first of its kind, will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 4,000 tonnes a year. Its modularity and standardization will enable it to be deployed at numerous industrial sites, promoting a cost-effective and competitive energy transition.

Are you looking for tools to decarbonize your industry in Europe? Do you want to optimize the competitiveness of your production facilities while reducing your carbon footprint?
We’re here to support you in your energy transition and help you achieve your environmental objectives while boosting your competitiveness.

Published On: 27 March 2024Categories: News
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