At a conference in Luxembourg on high-temperature energy storage, our Technical and R&D Director, Guilhem Dejean, stressed the crucial importance of the untapped potential of recoverable waste heat. The higher the temperature, the greater the recovery potential,” he explained. It’s a precious resource that’s slipping away, but we have the solutions to recover it.

This presentation was part of a workshop organized by Luxinnovation GIE on the topic of waste heat and its utilization. The seminar highlighted the huge potential gains in terms of energy efficiency and profitability.

Bringing together specialists, industrialists, solution providers, researchers and decision-makers, the day offered a comprehensive overview of waste heat: its sources, its value, and above all, its tremendous potential for recovery in industrial environments.

Speakers shared case studies on waste heat recovery installations, adapted equipment solutions, and financing and subsidy opportunities available to Luxembourg companies.

Published On: 26 March 2024Categories: News
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