Cerinnov Group and Eco-Tech Ceram sign an exclusive partnership to decarbonize the ceramics, glass and metallurgy industries.

Cerinnov Group, a specialist in robotic engineering and industrial equipment for the ceramics and glass industries, and Eco-Tech Ceram, a specialist in decarbonized industrial heat, announce the signature of an exclusive partnership aimed at decarbonizing the ceramics, glass and metallurgy industries.

The synergy of two complementary areas of expertise to decarbonize industry

This strategic partnership combines Cerinnov Group’s expertise in the design and manufacture of thermal equipment for the ceramics and glass industries with Eco-Tech Ceram’s know-how in industrial waste heat recovery.
As part of this collaboration, Cerinnov Group will integrate Eco-Tech Ceram’s Eco-Stocks® solutions into its thermal equipment, enabling the capture and storage of waste heat from its industrial customers’ kilns. This recovered heat can be re-injected directly into industrial processes, stored for later use, converted into low-carbon electricity or recovered for other purposes.
Manufacturers can also use the algorithms developed by Eco-Tech Ceram to optimize their electricity consumption and make their decarbonization process more competitive.
Cerinnov Group’s industrial customers who commit to this low-carbon transition may, if they wish, benefit from financial support fromETC Investa subsidiary of Eco-Tech Ceram, which operates on a third-party financing model, will finance the infrastructure and then sell them the decarbonized heat at a fixed price over a set period. This approach will enable manufacturers to adopt the proposed solutions without any initial investment, while protecting themselves from the volatility of energy prices.

Potential for refitting existing thermal equipment

In addition to being integrated into new thermal equipment marketed by Cerinnov Group, Eco-Stocks® from Eco-Tech Ceram can also be adapted to existing equipment at the customer’s request. Cerinnov Group will carry out an in-depth analysis of each customer’s specific needs, and make the necessary adaptations, particularly to heat exchangers and control systems.

Testimonials from Arnaud Hory, President and Founder of Cerinnov Group and Antoine Meffre, President and Founder of Eco-Tech Ceram

We’re very excited about this partnership with Eco-Tech Ceram. By integrating their Eco-Stocks® solutions into our thermal equipment, we offer our customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while improving their energy efficiency. This collaboration marks a major step forward in our commitment to a more sustainable economy and strengthens our competitive position by offering a unique integrated solution. “says Arnaud Hory, Chairman and founder of Cerinnov Group.

We’re delighted to be working with Cerinnov Group on our common goal of decarbonizing industry. The integration of our Eco-Stocks® into their equipment is a significant step towards wider adoption of our technologies by manufacturers, helping to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. “adds Antoine Meffre, President and founder of Eco-Tech Ceram.


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Published On: 13 May 2024Categories: News
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