On Thursday March 14, the Laboratoire de Thermique et Energie de Nantes (LTEN) and Eco-Tech Ceram organized a day of reflection and exchange dedicated to innovative energy storage solutions, an essential pillar of the energy transition.

Press release

On the program for the day:

9:30am: Welcome by Philippe Dépincé, Director of Polytech Nantes,

  • Julie Laernoes, Member of Parliament for Loire-Atlantique / Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert, Member of Parliament for Isère
  • Steven Le Corre, Director of LTEN, Thermal and energy research activities – MAPE experimental platform, Materials-Processes-Energy for the factory of the future

10am – 12:30pm: Conferences on storage for the energy transition

2pm – 4pm: Visit to the LTEN laboratory and demonstration of the multi-source storage platform built by Eco-Tech Ceram. It will contribute to the development of academic knowledge and industrial applications dedicated to the energy transition.

This day was an opportunity to promote our collaborations between academia and industry on thermal storage. By combining research, technological innovation and industrial applications, this will lead to major advances in the energy transition.

The multi-source storage platform is part of the MAPE platform. This project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of theEuropean Union‘s REACT-EU recovery plan.

Published On: 1 February 2024Categories: News
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